Jan 2, 2012

Joyful is always there when I try :D

The joyful always fill up my day around during my stay with The Ployhars. Every day is always worth it because we all share such happiness beyond our diversity. I am hosted in a small town, Kenyon, Minnesota. Living around with the farm animals and the house is 5 miles away from the town; it gives me a whole new daily life. I also spend a great time with my host sister and brothers; Thomas (14), Timothy (12), and Maggie by sharing and caring in all our daily activities. I learn the tradition from my American family and my fellow at school. “Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means you decide to see beyond the imperfection”. Challenge is always there whenever you decide to leave your comfort zone. I enjoyed facing the challenge during my stay. Because I believe challenge gives me the joy when I had passed it.

During my stay, I go to Kenyon-Wanamingo High School. It is interesting because my host family do homeschool. It means they do not go to the same public school that I go to. I learned the system of the homeschool that my host family does, basically they do more exploration about their school materials and they have more flexible time. As the only exchange student in this high school, I did sharing the Indonesian cultures in most of my time. My schoolmates like when I did the presentation about Indonesia. When I did the presentation about Indonesia, I danced and my friend volunteered to join me dance. Another thing, they also found the Indonesian food was really interesting when I cooked “Perkedel” in food class. I involved in many after school activities, I am in High School play. This time the play is the musical play. It became my daily routine to have after school practice. Another thing, I also am in Math club and Speech Club. Joining many extracurricular activities, I can experience new things.

One thing I like about living in the diversity is when there is nobody even bothers with what you decide on. I enjoyed being in the church community that my host family goes to. I found such a good friendship in the youth group. I do not mind to learn what they believe in and I felt excited to share about what I believe. From that I know we all have the commonality. It was also such a joyful for me to join the church retreat for three days in the middle of fall, in which we all found the fellowship among the youth in that church. It was such an interesting thing when my friends in that retreat saw me doing my worship praying. They thought it was something strange, but I told them I was doing my pray. It just the way thing happened when people do not really familiar with a thing. So, it is important to share what people have not understood about.

In the first week of December, my host family, The Ployhar, brought me along in their vacation. My host family and I went to a week Cruise ship vacation to Jamaica, Cayman Island and Cozumel, Mexico. It was such a wonderful experience, because it was my first cruise trip. Besides I did many activities that I never done before. I learned that it was really challenging for me to learn ice skating and rock climbing. Another thing, I also did snorkeling, I saw a very pretty corals and fishes. The warmth weather made me felt like home. One thing I like was meeting friend from different states and countries, such Canada, Spain, Mexico, and many others. I also met some crews who worked on the ship who actually was from Indonesia. I got to know how wonderful their experience working onboard.
The most important thing about this stay is about learning the new tradition of the American way of living and sharing my culture. There are so many ways we can share the joy which we all can do by our own way. Meeting with new people, understand their life and put trust on them; it is the beginning of sharing culture. I believe the joyful is always come when we trust what we do is worth it, because I always bring my own sunshine wherever I go. What I am doing now is worth it for my family, my fellow American, and fellow Indonesian.

A Way Home

See the Sky!!

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