Jul 2, 2011

It's my Holiday

I just couldn't believe that I'm on my holiday right now. I had passed the exams, I got the report already. I thought everything is gonna be so fine for holiday. I got 4 weeks hoiday, meanwhile some other friends get 5 weeks holiday. It because I help grade 11 who turn to grade 12 and some other grade 10 who turn to grade 11 to run the Orientation for the new junior.

Anyway, I thought to post on this blog along awhile, but I just couldn't do it for that time. But finally I did this. I had have my three weeks holiday and now I just have 1 week left. Terrible :(

what I have for this holiday is just making my body weight arise :( but I believe when I get into dorm I will back to normal (again). because why ?? I did everything that I never did in dorm, such wake up late at 8 or even at 10. spending almost of my time to stare at tv without going anywhere. oh ya,, I also meet my old friends, evebthough I didn't meet them all. I saw some changes with them as some of them may got taller than the last time I meet them.

In this holiday also, i had my Visa camp when I should deal with USA visa. so, from lahat I went to Palembang by my self. I spent one night stayed in my uncle huse then in the next afternoon I went to Jakarta with one of my frien from Palembang. We arrived in akarta late coz we had delayed on our flight. but then we should wait our friend from Aceh. then finally at6 we were heading to the place where we will stay.. :D The commitee who picked us up said that we missed the first session which was done in the afternoon as other fiends had come earlier. It meant we were totally late. We did all session all weel. the the next two days afterward we finally got back to our city. I should fly by my self and I brave enough to do such thing :D then Finally I got home save and sound.. Happy :D

You know what, I'm heading to the YES orientation on this end of July. oww,,, It comes closer, closer and closer. ooowwh,,, I will go to another part of the world which I've comepletely never seen before... I need to prepare some stuffs from Indonesia as I thought I can't put everything in my luggage.. :) But the thing that make me keep hoping all the time is that I haven't surely known about my family there who will host me and the place wher I will live in. I believe God give evrything on the right time and I know it may be good too..