May 17, 2012

What we call High School!

High School is only a week left!!! Whaaaat!! Yes!! that's the fact...!!!
Seniors in Kenyon-Wanamingo High School will have the last day of school on May 23rd. Huuuftt!!! Take a deep breath!!

I feel kind of glad that this school year just went sooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaastt!! It just blew like a wind!! Yesterday, I felt so challenged because I took the AP Stattistic test. I think it was great! For an overview, in AP Statistic we basically learned a lot of stuff about conducting the study and prove whether the study can be said true. It was a challenge for me becasue I did not learn much when I was in my previous high school. Anyway, I think the test was to measure how well I understood the Statistic.

You know what, when I did my AP Statistic, my friends in high school were having the fun day, and I missed it!!! My friends got so sunburn. Anywy, for the last week of school, it's gonna be great and momerable!!! :D

May 11, 2012

Future plan!! Yes!!

Let's talk about the future carreer, since I am about to graduate from High School. Wait, not yet, there will be another year for me to continue my senior year. Yup! Anyway, a year is only in the count of moment and seconds. It comes so fast. Of course, as the relativty rule says,"The fastest a second goes, the slowest it feels." Or anyway, I don't really know about the detail.

Okay, let's move on to the first question. What am I gonna do for my senior year?? Party or whatsoever fun stuffs??? Nope!! Study!!! Yup! back to a normal and intense study life as a scholar-student.You know, people never stop studying. No matter where you are, you are learning. Whether you choose to or you don't choose to. Anyway, how about my future carreer?? For this moment, I have so many things running aroung my fleshy mind, called brain. All the sudden dreams and hope come to me. Who thinks that someday I will be an artist,  photographer, dancer, speaker, or a president!!!! yeah, photography, dancing , and public speaking are my hobbies. For my concern, I prefer to deepen my thought in Science and more serious stuff like Statistic. Who knew now that I like MAth. Seriously, Yes!! It is actually fun. Fun means you think hard and feel satisfy when you finally solve the problem. Yup, a lot of thinking. But it's nothing compare to Einstein. Hehehe.

Second, What will you do as I will tur to 17? Hey, I am gonna be 17 this year, Yeah, it's kind like like to be 17 when your friends are already 18 or even 19. Am I still wanting to be treated like a younger one?? Hmm,, I think I got over it. I think, I am so got used to be a 16 year-old girl who has a colorful, cheerish, energetic, llive with friends and that kind of stuffs. Yup, the best age so far is 16, because it was so much fun to be in the transition age. What? I like this phase?! I realized that though the transition did not always a perfect one but whenever I passed one hard phase, I will get stronger! Just like what John F. Kennedy said. This year I will be anormal aged girl to be a senior!!! Everybody is gonna be 17 for the senior. What a joy!

How about after school activity?? who knows?? I'm just kidding. I believe there will be many things to do. I will do more voluntary activity and community services. Helping community surround me!! Yes, It sounds so interesting.. : D

May 9, 2012

The End of Speech Season for 2011-2012

One thing that trained  my skill in Public Speaking is through Speech Team. I wrote many things about that in my previous posts. This post is about the end of the Speech season and I post on how great my friends who do the Speeches!

All Speech Team Members

Speech Coach (Mrs. Kunesh) and I

May 8, 2012

Farm's Life

I live in a farm and it is amazing! Yes it is away from the crowd of people. Instead, my host family and I got the enjoyment of taking care of the animals an the quiet too!! Many people from cities who actually are my host families friends like to come to our farm to see different animals and many other things.

Here is all when a family from Lakeville, MN came over to our house.

May 4, 2012

I Left My Footprints in San Fransisco, CA

For WorldLink 2011-2012 Re-Entry Program, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado clusters headed out to San Fransisco California. For the first day, Minnesota groups departed early in the morning and arrived in San Fransisco at 10 a.m. California time. from the airport we wen to our hotel. On the way to hotel we were so amzed with the stiff roads which I will never find in Minnesota. The weather there was warm but windy. It was because the mixture of ocean's weather an the mountaneous wind. We came earlier than Texas and Colorado clusters, so we killed our time to have sightseeing around the bay. There were so many neat things. We also went to Pier 39, one of the most place in San Fransisco. We went to a Lombard Street!!!!! one of the famous street in the world. I bet because besides it's stiff it's also have a curve. It was AWESOOOOOOMEEEE!!!!!

San Fransisco International Airport

Crab Soup in the bread bowl

Tin Man (It's for their living, though)

Hiking the Stiff side walk (No,Problemo) Hhhe

Observing the bay???

The Other creatures that live there!!

Way to go!!! COIT TOWER


Minnesota WorldLink Group have sightseeing

The Famous Pier 39

Lombard Street!

The Detail about World Famous Lombard Street

As we arrived earlier, we had more times to have sightseeing and do other stuffs. After noon we went to the Fisherman's Wharf. There we met the Colorado and Texas Cluster. I met Siti Solikha. We shared a lot of things and had chit-chat with my friends from Thailand, Malaysia, Siberia, Ukraine, India, and many others. Soon after that, we went to the duck tour. It was really cool. We ride a car that basically can go on the land and the water. We did sightseeing around the downtown and the bay.
Siti and I

We were in the Duck Tour!!

Raffee and Mason

In the evening we went to china town, there we ate Japanese food. It was all sea foods, we also used chopstick. There we can see so many neat buildings. I somewhat felt  I was in Plaembang, the atmosphere was almost the same!
The view of Chinatown

Car with thousands signatures on it!

Car to sign

Sightseeing in China town\

The next day, we had our important meeting!! WorldLink 2011-2012 Re-Entry program. In this Re-Entry Program we learned many things after we finish our exchange program. The end of 2011-2012 YES Program does not mean we end everything. We still have the responsible to share what we had experienced to local community in our home country. Also, we will still be connected through the Alumny program. I think we will be able to do more things as the alumny, as we had more thought about the actual condition in our home-country later on.

Here are more pictures!!