Feb 17, 2011

Dear all pen pals,

I've been meaning to write something in this blog, but I was really busy with my school and my YES program's preparation.

Anyway, I want to share many things that I've been doing for this recent weeks. I invite you to share and respond with what I write here.

I'm preparing my YES program as I will be staying for 11 months in USA as a student exchange from Indonesia. I just realized that it wasn't as easy as what I thought when I want to go abroad. I experienced many preparation, such as I need to get some immunization, passport ( as I've never traveled abroad), VISA, cultural presentation, traditional clothes, and many others. I got so much difficulties as I have my tough schedule in my senior high school. Thereby, sometimes I need to skip some classes. I felt not good to do so. but, it's the only choice when I wanted to do the procedure needed for the preparation. I was still feel lucky as I still enjoy the journey with my partner. He is in the same class with me. He's not the same as main candidate as me. It;s sometimes make he felt he still stand between to choices. meanwhile he needed to still completed the application form. That's why I tried to keep giving him my support. I just told him that everyone will know how big your effort is.

It isn't the only thing that become my challenge for this beginning of month. I've tried to put my biggest effort for joining a competition with my other partners. I spent half of my semester break holiday for doing this project. It means I had only short time to have my holiday with my family. I guess it was okay as I can still enjoyed my holiday with my busy working. However what I can hope is not always come true as I wish. Yet, I can not be the one who able to win this competition. I was really upset at that time as I had done many things for this. But then I look back, Nothing is going to be useless that what I could learn for this case. Well, simply I could think I need to put my bigger effort than before.

well, now I was just got an injection in my left hand, it felt a little bit sick. My mom told me it's only the respond as I'm injected the vaccine to my body. I hope no side effect from this. I will have some immunization for the next following months.

I'm looking forward to hear many things that you've been doing out there :D