Apr 23, 2011

Story behind the permission slip

This morning was different with the common Saturday morning as the beginning of the weekend because my PE(Physical Education) teacher didn't seem to come. What we did commonly was that we just woke up when my PE teacher flew the whistle at 6 a.m. It such difficult to wake up in weekend time. But then he will count until every one come to the hall to have jogging and gymnastic. Sometimes because I just thought to spend friday night late, I prepared to sleep using PE clothes which were long training and long clothes, it simply because I'm just too afraid if I sometimes woke up late on saturday. hhha.

Well having saturday morning without jogging and sport is quiet strange for me, but I like it because I could continue my sleep. it didn't last that long, as my friend contact me to prepared my self because we will go to the hospital for doing immunization. I will not do the immunization but he will do it, I had finished my immunization last two weeks. Soon I took a bath and took my breakfast, then We're ready to go. But, we couldn't just go directly as we need to get the permission slip from dormitory teacher (we're living in dormitory). Then we tried to find the teacher in the office because we thought they like to be there when they still aim to continue their working but unfortunately we couldn't find them there. Well, we continue looking for them in teacher dormitory, but again no one stay there, then we got back to our dormitory still wanting to find any teacher, then we got tired as we had walked around but we couldn't find any teacher. We decided to go to our house master's wife then we said what we had experienced a few minute ago before coming to her. Then she tried to call our house master, bur because he was in the trip to other cities outside of Palembang then we thought the signal wasn't that good. After considering our reason, she finally gave us the permission letter. How we thought it needed a hard effort to just get the permission letter.. hhha...

We took a public transportation to go to the hospital, then 10 minutes later we arrived in hospital. I decided to walk in another entrance way to the hospital, because most of the time we never passed that way. I thought it was okay to pass that way, but when we tried to walk by that way, we could pass the exit door because it was still 9 a.m. meanwhile the door will be open at 10 a.m. Then we finally realized that those rooms we passed were the room for pregnant mother, they seemed strange look at both teenager like us went to those rooms, we realized it when some of them look at us in different way, then we just fasten our way to get back to the entrance door then walk to the common way that we usually passed.

We needed to register before going to the clinic. it was badly crowded, then we should wait for such a long time to get the queue. the thing that I didn't really like from the queue was that the people seemed didn't concern about other. They just tried to pass the queue as they seemed didn't really patient to just stand and waiting to register them self to the receptionist. We thought that would commonly happened in the city like this, we just wondered when all people could behave well especially when they need to concern about other. i said when we just stood here silently waiting to get the queue, we would never get to register until the hospital closed. Then I barely stood and walk closer to the receptionist and showed my friend ID card. Finally we could register then got the registration before going to the the clinic.

My friend, he needed to get last Varricella vaccine. He thought it was the right day for him to get the vaccine. but when he show the immunization card to the nurse in the clinic, the nurse said it wasn't the right time for him to get the vaccine, it because on that day was earlier 7 days before the right time to give the vaccine to him. Means next week we should come back to the clinic to get the injection. We got back soon after that. But I said, it was still morning then I suggest to come to my Aunt's house which is 10 minutes from the hospital. Then we took another public transportation to get there. When we arrived to my Aunt's house her family and her were to busy cleaning her house, as at night before when a heavy rain fell it caused flood to her house and house around her. I was feeling bad too. Anyway, she felt happy to meet me, as we didn't meet for 1 month because she moved to Jakarta to her new working place. We spent around two hours in my aunt's house to just had such chatting. Then we got back to school.

In the afternoon, I was feeling so tired because I seemed never stop walking in the morning, but I should finish my Art work. You know, I got really difficult to draw, i thought every drawing that I made were bad and didn't have any sense of Art. hhha.. terrible !!! I spend more than 2 hours deal with my Art work, but I didn't finish it. :( I decided to sleep for a while, when I just closed my eyes, my classmates in the down stair (I stay in the up stair) called me to gather preparing the materials for cooking class in the night. I walked difficultly to down stair. Everything about cooking class finished. Soon in the night we cooked Sandwich advised by Pak David (Civic teacher). i was the one who handle to bake the bread. It was nice to turn around the bread until we got the surface of the bread turn into yellowish. I enjoyed my cooking class, we still able to get some pictures. Finally I felt so tired and sleepy then I got back to my room earlier than others. I ended my saturday by writing this.

Apr 22, 2011

Kartini day on Earth day :D

Dear all my pen pals,
I thought I need to drop you a line to just let you all know what I had in my school for 22 April 2011. It was so interesting to me and the whole of my fellow in my school.

on 21st April, we had Kartini day's celebration. It might be different with last year experienced to celebrated Kartini day. Last year boy student should treat girl student differently, as boy student should bring all bags and books that girl students brought at that time. But, this year celebration ended just so so, Student Council of our school just share the red ribbon the the girl students,Girl students put the red ribbon on their clothes. It might seem just so so, but I suppose to look deeper in it as I will find how priceless the Kartini day is for student like me. I thought what Kartini aimed to say to the girl was girl actually has all the greatness that can make them do things more than boys can do. I just wonder to be as brave as Kartini. Yes, I'm one of Kartini generation nowadays!!!

let's move on to 22nd April, I just wonder why is so important for these two days. 22nd April is EARTH DAY!! May be people thought it just the same with other days of this week, but it doesn't happen to me. It's a big day for me as my school run a recycle competition as the event to commemorated EARTH Day. I was experiencing such a small problem. It started when I knew I got a clash in the schedule of my coming soon exam on May and the schedule to prepare my Visa, as I told you I will soon do my exchange program in USA. It such a difficult decision because I can't let any of the chances to be missed, both are worth for me because I have been studying for two years to prepare this examination and I got so much preparation for my student exchange program. Yeah, I knew i should think it just part of the big problem that I should have passed. My teacher said, people will always get problem in their life, when they thought they got a very big problem, they got actually wrong because they might find lot of problem which more difficult than that problem. So don't think the problem that you are facing right now is the worse one and when you can solve it you will not get any problem. I suggest to don't to be burdened by the problem itself. Then, I got to prepare my group to do the presentation for what we had recycled.

My group recycled plastic bag and card box to be such a multifunction box. We finished doing all the recycle thingy and presentation for only one night. It's so terrible,as we seem just miss the previous days. But to tell you the truth we got difficult to find any leisure time for this week. everything seemed just run too fast, and what we need to do is to just enjoy the day. Back to my presentation team, I didn't present the presentation, I was just training my junior, it's simply because I just need to give the chance to others. It's not bad to didn't perform on the stage meanwhile you can see the one who performed on the stage did a very good job because of you. Then I found my junior performed really well, they didn't get too nervous on the stage and the most interesting is they can attract the audience's attention pretty good. Good job, guys !!!

Then now it's about my best friend who show me a song which she thought suitable with my condition. You know what, she let me hear "LEAVING ON THE JET PLANE". She said she gonna miss me, she will sing this song when I leave. I feel bad to leave my friends, because I should have missed my senior high school friends, as they will graduate next year, but not to me. I feel terrible when my friend said that I do not love them as I don't want to spend the rest of my year in Senior High School with them. I don't mean such thing friends, I just want to perform the best for every single decision that I have made. I still want to be part of this senior high school member.

Soon I will write many more things. I love enjoying this long weekend :D


Apr 21, 2011

I Need to write

I don't know how to describe this feeling out. I'm in the tip of iceberg. It's what I don't expect to happen but now I should have face it. This what I call to choose between both worth options. I couldn't figure this one out. I'm fully tumbling all around. I don't know where suppose I held on with.
I simply felt something went wrong in around me. I got less motivation because I always blame my self for the thing that I can not do by my self. I know it's kind of weird because I just felt that it's only me the one who got this thing. I sometimes felt that I'm different among others. I sometimes felt I couldn't stand till that long in such crowded place. This badly turn my view that I got something change in me. But, again, I couldn't figure it out. I'm just not too brave to dig my own problem, this cause me thought that I'm too weak. I don't just let my self be that weak. I'm stubborn, it could make me difficult change a thing in my self, then I tried to grab my self out of this strict-minded. I don't like to be border in such thing. But, I still have my barriers in the value that I stand on with.
Then now I got into a very difficult option to be decided for a stubborn. What to do when you are asked to choose in between of things that you really expect to get? It takes times to get the best answer, then the answer suppose to be 1 not two. because I is the last solution of the problem it self. I knew most of people had ever experienced a similar thing or even worse that what I face now, because I knew this problem might only part of the beginning of my life's story. I suppose to do not miss at any detail as well as this problem. Because, someday when I could write a world best seller book, then I will put this story in one of the main chapter. It sounds pretty good.
Scarification would be the only way to solve this such problem because I can't force to run both of options well, that what I learned in my Senior High School. I need to let one thing go then I might concern to another thing which I thought more worth. But the case that I'm facing right now is I can't just thought to just let a thing go after doing so much effort in both options. I should have tried harder to grab both option. I believe there will be another way from an absolute way which has been created by human because I knew God will give me the best thing tom me. However, I'm about not too ready to see when God decide the worse thing happen to me next. I'm not sure what should I do to cover my deep sadness later on. That's the thing I should try to apply about accept losing a worth thing.