Feb 24, 2012

Play performance

Oh myyyyyyy God!!!! I can't believe that the performance is today, tomorrow and sunday!!!! ooh,,, I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I am the Poor (in the play) that are so excited!!!! I can't wait until the show!!! I hope it's gonna be awesome!!! BREAK A LEG, EVERYONE!!!

Feb 16, 2012

Met Danu and Lintang!!!!

Hey!! yayaya.... Wawawaawaa.. Awesome!!! Great!!
Last two weeks, Danu came over to Minnesota. Lintang, Danu and I spent one satrurday to go skiing, tried some ride in Mall of America. The point is we were so excited!!!! I knew it has been about 6 months we have not seen each other since the last time we met in POD at Washington DC.

What was so funny when the first time Lintang came to my house? Okay, he said, "Loe tambah gendutan, dil! (sambil cengengesan)". Hahahahaa, : D I enjoyed my life so much, enjoy life means enjoy the foods and everything. Basically I do not have many things to do except for the play practice. But, it will end this February 26. I'm kind of sad to know that. Because people in play are just so interesting!! Anyway, let's go  back to my day to meet danu and lintang. From my house, we went to Lakeville, MN just to pick up Danu seorang : P. I could not tell how excited I was!!! Anyhow, when we met Danu we directly headed up to the Ski area in Cannon Falls. I had been there once, but the sense was different when I wen with them (So Sweet!!)

Once we got to the ski area, we headed up to the rental and lift ticket place. It was so funny on how rudiculous we fell to wear the ski boot. We felt like we walked on the moo :P (Just Kidding!!). Anyway, we spent our first hour to practice a little bit in the bunny hill. I could not do much to help teaching Danu and Lintang, since I do not have a ny skill to be the ski instructor :P (Heeehehe). We were so lucky because Bob (Lintang's host dad) invited his former student with his wife to come skiing with us. Since then, two of them taught Lintang and Danu how to do skiing. They practice went well, though they felt and felt and felt again. I remembered my first time skiing. Then, we went to the hill and sliding down and side to side. It was fun!! The ski went from 11 to 4 p.m. We were just so exhausted!!

What next Danu said? Hahaha.... We really wanted to go to Mall of America so bad. Because he never gone there before and he wanted to see how huge the mall is. We all were okay with that. Imagine how crowded it was in the weekend!! So rudiclous!! we spent about 20 minutes circling around in the parking lot just to find the open space to park our car. We ended up parked our car in the 6th floor. Brmmmm,,,,ciiiittt!! Okay, we decided to try some rides in the indoor amusement park. First, we started with something wild, Roller Coaster. I was so sure the roller coaster still not as worse as the ride in the Valley fair. Finished up with roller coaster, I really wanted to try the Rock Bottom Plunge so bad. Both Danu and Lintang did not want to try that. But with my poweful word I said, "If never try it in this place, you will never find it in Indonesia". My words worked, they tried the ide with me. Okay, the ride I thought was so crazy!!! the ride will bring you up straight in 90 degree angle and bring you straight down. I was so scared that I felt like I was gonna fly So do Lintang and Danu. I screamed with a very basic word which was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA", I believe you do not want to see my face during that time!! hahahha :D Danu just mumbled bla.blalalahblahaha and sometimes said some zikirs (?!!#). What about Lintang? He was the funniest one. Hahaha : D Screaming during that ride was aking some of our energy. Luckily we still found the entire body when we went out from the ride.

Our activitie ended up in the Indian restaurant. Guest what we ate???? Karriiiiii, booo,,,, Well, I think it was okay. We ate together with Danu host families and Lintang's host dad. We basically just chat and chill out. Three of us play truth or dare, and the question were sometimes just so hilarious. Lastly, we took pictures and give hugs and say good bye. That was all we did when three of us meet. We wish we can meet longer. But Danu should fly back to New York. Yup, the show must go on. What we do here in the United States is not just to waste time fro havng fun. We come here for reason. The next day, we continued our day as normal. Lintang posted our pictures in Facebook. Okay, that wa so interesting way to spend winter in Minnesota. :D

Feb 2, 2012


(My Own Shoot)

Consider that you are a dandellion in the spring. This dandellion stands in the middle of the grass. It shows how it stands different than other, as it grows higher than the rest of the grass. One time, when the wind comes, the wind blow the stem that make it swinging to right and left. Sometimes dandellion hates wind, because it blows all the seed that it has. It makes the dandellion becomes bold. There is only the stem left when the wind blow all the dandellion's seeds. If we see in the other side, it is not always bad to  have wind blow all the seeds. Winds will bring the seeds to different places and land the seeds on the ground. The seeds do not know where the wind will bring them. One thing when we see the seeds find the best way to grow, it will grow other dandellions.  It shows us that a sacrifation is worth it. How about the previous dandellion. Do not be worry, the dandellion will reproduce its flower and will continue growing. I hope the wind will bring one of the seeds to your place. So, it can grow somewhere close to your place. I wonder what the dandellion will tell you about where it is from. ;)