Apr 27, 2012


As one of the cultural exchange experience I attended Prom 2012 in Kenyon-Wanamingo High School. I only attended the grand-march which was really fun and interesting. It is just the way where people dress up and line up and walk in a path. Everyone looked so neat!! I am glad I experienced this. :)

Micayla Piller and Isaac Nelson walking

Sydney and Taylor Walking

Adila, Makayla Piller, and Isaac Nelson

Jazely and I

Lizzie, Carleigh, Shari, I (looked away)

Lizzie, Carleigh, Shari, and I
(My junior friends)

I and Abram (My prom date)

Jemima, I, and Ashley

Grace, JUmima, Jazely, I, Micheele, Brittney
(My Senior Friends)

The mask layed on the path way

We were walking in the grand march

Hey that's us!!

So sparkly when we were on the to of the starirs

ME (after prom)

Greenhouse Field Trip

 My host-mom knew how much I love botanical stuffs. So, on friday, April 20th, 2012, My host-mom and my host-siblings headed out to the greenhouse that a friend of ours at church has. We just drove there for about 45 minutes (no big deal, huh?!). Once we got there we were amazed with beautiful flowers and plants lined up in front of the retailer house. The one who led us to this greenhouse tour was Joeul, a friend of ours at church. He has these greenhouses for about 20 years or more. He said it was a joy for him to mantain the greenhouses as his living.
As part of our tour, first Joeul showed us all his collection of different type of vegetation that he has in his greenhouses. Also, some of his greenhouse workers showed us how to cliped the plants and flower. He also said on how he struggled to keep some type of plants alive in their unnative land. In this picture later on you can see how he has succeed to plant banana trees in Minnesota.
We also got to practiced how to put some seed in the pots, in the end of our tour he gave us two free pots full various seeds from his greenhouses. He said he was so glad to share a little bit of knowledge about botanical, also he was so interesting to know different type of vegetation in Idonesia. Overall, it was worth it to miss one day of school for the Greenhouse field trip. (hhe)

The way they put some seeds in the pot

This pot is ready to go

See how beatiful the flowers are!

Inside of the greenhouse

The same type of plant but has differen leaves colors

It is just started to show up

I never seen this one before!

Survival Banana that can grow in Minnesota

The inside of greenhouse is full of different type of flowers

This is my favourite

I will never be bored to stay long in the greenhouse

Apr 18, 2012

Spring has sprung!!

What a joy!! Warm weather is coming up, flower is blossoming, birds are twittereing, grass is coming green, and the sunshine comes early. Yes, It has been Spring already.
School Parking Lot

Green Field!

Stop Sign!(Something??)


Me in the bus (after school)

My Silhoutte

Dandellion is coming

Green Grass

Green gras and the field as background

Hey, it is me again (walking from the driveway to house)

Walking step by step

Home! It's really close

White Barn


My shadow (hhe)

Old pump