Sep 28, 2011

Back to Nawan's Spirit

What do you think about this photo? This Photo is really cool. It shows us on how aperson do such a very extreme sport. I would someday try this kind of sport. :D

Anyway, as it is my new routine to deal with digital photography. I would take picture and comment some picture really often. Probably, someday I will post the picture that I take. I learn many things about the photography technique.

Sep 22, 2011

HOla :D

Holla everyone, maybe you all are wondering what I am doing now. :D
I am now busy with all my school stuffs. I take 8 classes at school. Meanwhile most of my friends take only 7 classes at most. I tooko Precalculus, AP Statistic, Digital Photogrphy (i realized that I like this :)), U2B(Computer and Bussiness, kind of), American History, American Literature, Marketing (it's diffeent with economy), and Criminal Justice (American Law). I bet it is unusual for me to do not let my self busy with school stuffs. I have been missing to get busy with this. I know it would be hard for me if I could not organize my time really well.

Well, what is the most excited part for this first month living in Kenyon, MN? I think, seeing all corn and soybean fields everyday is the answer. hhhe.. :D Every morning, it would be my hardest time. Why? Because in 57F I should walk from house to the end of the drive way waiting for the bus. But, it has been my routine. So, I enjoy it. Then what happen after school? Sleep? I played with kids at home. I usually got back home at 4.15 p.m. It because the bus drop the students who stay at the farthest place first. So, I always be the last one from the bus. It doesn't really matter, I could finish my luch, as I didn't eat all my luch, then I could have a very short sleep, hhe :) ^^V, and what else? Chat with students in the bus. It sometimes interesting that they will be so noisy, but sometimes they could be so calm.

What I do in weekend? In Saturday, I usually got up late, at 8.30 a.m. at the latest. Then I did a lot of suffs outside, played with kids, watched tv show, helped mom cooking, played with the boys, did stuffs with maggie, in the afternoon I tried to finish all my homework and projects. So, in Sunday, I could have more time to not deal with school stuffs. In sunday morning, all of us prepared since early morning to go to the church. the curch is located in Wanamingo, it toook 45 minutes driving from home. Then in the church, my family prayed then having sunday school school afterwards. I usually joined the sunday school with junior-high group. It was always interesting because I could meet more friends and basically they are all nice. I occasionally joined this youth group meeting in wednesday night, only if I did n't have homework to be done.

I don't know, I think everything just run so fast. I sometimes do not realize that I have stayed for a month and a half. It means I only have 9 months to go. What my friends thought at that time was finally true. This year will go so fast. However, I believe this year will be so meaningful for me and for eveyone.