Mar 20, 2011

I lost in a crowded city

It's not what I was actually experienced. I simply bring my feeling to a piece of story. It represents my deepest feeling.
Well, someday I traveled using my car to a city. this city was quite new for me as I had never been traveled to this city before.I went traveling with my 3 friends. I thought it was so strange to came to this place. I just followed what my friends had discussed along with me to continue our journey to this city. Before deciding to came to this city, my friends and I were enjoying our holiday in a mountain. We had a very joy holiday.
One of my friend, Twinkle told us that we soon will have more joy if we visit this city. Then Diamond and Rocky agreed with her idea. Me, at the first time was feeling so doubt, because I knew none of us had ever traveled to this city. But, Twinkle kept convincing us that it's okay to continue our journey. The the decision made, we continue driving to this city.
When we first arrived, the thing that we saw was a very quite city. we didn't find anyone while driving on the street. Then I decided to stop, but my friend didn't want to listen what I was saying at that time. I really wanted to quit from the car and found the way back to home, because I believe if we kept continuing our journey, wee gonna get something worse that we can't predict.
At that time, I strongly stated to my friends that I wanted to quit from car. They let me go from the car. They left me in a very strange place. I knew they didn't feel guilty to let me experience this condition. I just kept trying to find the way back home. Then I walked for around 5 km by my self. Then I realized that I had away from the previous city. Then I walked confidently as I knew exactly the city I visited.
Now, I really anxious about my friends. I don't know what they gonna get out there. I actually feel a little bit lonely as I was used to go together with Diamond , but now I decide to have my own way. Before I saw Diamond didn't act as usual. I don't know who has changed, me or diamond. I just let Diamond experience more joy with twinkle and rocky. I hope someday I can meet Diamond without any changes with her. I really miss Diamond. yet, I haven't found anyone to go walking together with me visit my own city. I don't want to lose it that city (again).

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