Dec 3, 2010

My New Spirit

Assalamu alaikum,
Hi readers and my pen pals,
So, here I would like to let you all guys know me further so we might be able to have our friendship later on. I'm Adila Nawan Hasrimi, you simply can call me Adila. I'm 15 yer-old girl who will soon turn to 16 on this year May. I was born in Klaten as my father is Klatenese,my mother is originally coming from Lahat. Then, Starting from my childhood until the last one year I stayed in Lahat. Everything changed when I'm currently studying in SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy), Palembang because I should move to Palembang. It causes me living apart from my family, I stay in a boarding school for this recent 2 years with students who come from different regencies of South Sumatera and some other provinces in Indonesia. I will be staying in dormitory for the next one year.

To tell a bit about my self, I'm kind of cheerful person. I might get easily deal with people who bring different background because I like diversity. I'm such a flexible individual who might every single thing which I do and have a quick respond when I got stuck. I like challenge, I might see a thing as a challenge not as a burden. It motivates me to do something optimally. I don't like spending my precious time by doing some meaningless activities.

I'm going to post my recent activities by this blog and I want to express my feeling through this blog. I might see managing my blog is one of activity in my busy-school day because by doing this I might have time to enjoy my time as well as expressing what I feel at a time. I'm trying to post as often as possible in this blog.

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