Jan 3, 2012

Family Weekend

It was this fall,, just want to recall my memory.. :D Weekend. I'm really excited and exhausted with weekend. Weekend. Weekend. Yeyeyeyeyyeeyeyeye. :D (Random Thought) LOL :D

Here are something that I did this weekend. You know what I never dealt with the gardening project, when my hostmom offered me to help her with her gardening project, I was so excited. :D I directly dressed up because it was such a chilly day, it has not snowed yet, but I think it was just a little bit too chilly.

Well, what I did was basically just sprayed the pumpkin that my hostmom had harvested. I sprayed the surface of the pumpkins with the vinegar solution. My hostmom said it was aimed to prevent the pumpkins got mold. You know what, there were about hundreds pumpkins. And We all three, my mom, Maggie and I shoul sprayed them all. It is not all about our work, why? Because we should move all the pumpkins to our back fort. Then we all brought the pumpkins back and forth. We are smart! Because we brought all the pumpkins with Maggie's little wagon. So, it was so much helpful. Because we can put about ten to fifteen pumpkins at one time. So far, we are doing great!

While girls are doing with pumpkins, what boys are doing? They all did with the barn, they cleaned barn and the greenhouse. In the afternoon we all almost quite done with our work. So, we decided to take the lunch break then continue our work. For about three in the afternoon, our work was done. Then we all felt so tired, and we decided to take a little rest. I did not feel to have nap,though.

Tadaaaa.... in the night, we still have something to be done. WE SHOULD MOVE ALL PUMPKINS TO OUR BASEMENT!!!! I know it sound like so much work, and it was. So we all six stood in line from the back door, stair to basement. At first, my host dad was in outside, Thomas and Maggie were close to the back door, Timothy was at the stair, and my hostmom and I were in the basement. We walked back and forth to get the pumpkins. But then after we though it was not quiet efficient if we just grab one by one of the pumpkins, so we decided to use the bucket and put some pumpkins then set them all in the basement. The formation changed, Later Thomas decided to change Dad to be outside, Maggie still content with her position, and now there we Mom, Dad, and I in the basement. It made our work down in the basement became faster. Also, we actually need more people to stand in the basement.

Today, we all worked together. And soon we all go to bed, and woke a little bit late in the next morning! What a day.

Bright Pumpkins that we moved!

Pumpkin in the basket

Mindy and Pumpkins

Pumpkins shoot

Pumpkins from up

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