Mar 15, 2012

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
By Adila Hasrimi

“Life is like river stream. Cloud that drops the rain to the top of the mountain, then water will flow to the water stream. As the water that flow in that river stream, we could not predict the next stream we will pass. However, as we pass the entire river stream, the right path that we choose will bring us to the right place. Sometimes, in the middle of the path, there are some small paths that bring water away from the main stream; we call this as the challenge of life. The right place for the water that flow in the right path of the stream is the open sea. In the open sea, they can be who they are actually and live with their beloved.”

1.     Be nice to everyone
2.     Do school assignment regularly
3.     Stay healthy by eating properly and exercising at least 30 minutes everyday
4.     Pray to God in the beginning and end of day
5.     Stay in contact with family and friends
6.     Read at least one inspiring book every week
7.        Stand as who I am and not follow the crowd

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